Who would have thought that something like hallux valgus or a bunion on the foot would affect your mental health status and functioning?

Well it can. This recent study which looked at 102 people and used what is known as the Beck Depression Inventory and measured the angle of hallux valgus and found the greater the ankle of the hallux valgus, the more depressed. A hallux valgus is the deviation of the big toe associated with bunions. The study did not include a control group of people of a similar age, gender and body weight (etc) to compare them to, but never-the-less the results are interesting and point to just how important it is to deal with a bunion.

A subsequent study by another group of researchers were able to show an improvement in depressive symptoms following surgery for bunions, which is a good finding.

Looking after your own mental health is obviously an important issue and what drives that is very multi-factorial and bunions are certainly not one of the main issues, but they are in the mix and need to be considered.

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