The Bunion Assassin or The Bunion Corrector Night Splint?

Which one should you use?

It can depend on the nature of your bunion, your footwear and your lifestyle. Rather than one or the other why not use both?

Generally, the Bunion Assassin is used to make the bunion more comfortable in your shoes and is for wearing during the day. The amount of loner term correction that they can achieve is less than optimal as its fighting against your shoe pushing the other way.

Generally, the Bunion Corrector Night Splint is used, as its name suggests, at night. More correction can be achieved and the evidence from published research is that you can improve the angle of the big toe with its use. The Bunion Assassin can help the effect from the night splint by maintaining some of that correction during the day in your shoes.

If you are unsure which of these will help you, then use both to double the benefit.

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